Frame Polishing 101

So you want to polish your frame do you? Well it's something a lot of us like to do, it looks awesome, and gives your bike your own touch.  It is however, a lot of work to first remove the paint and polish it, and also to keep it shiny afterwards.

Below you'll find step by step instructions on how my friend Mike and I did our 2002 ZX-6R's. You don't need to follow this exactly, but it worked well for us, and if used as a guideline it should help you too.

The guide is in two parts, polishing the frame, and polishing the wheels.

WARNING!!!  The Aircraft grade paint stripper is VERY strong stuff. Try to work in a well ventilated area, and always wear a mask, thick rubber gloves, and goggles. If it gets on your skin, get water on it IMMEDIATELY, it will burn in seconds if left alone, but water neutralizes it very well.

Part 1: Polishing the wheels

Part 2: Polishing the frame